Precise Translations4u

In a global world where communication is a vital part of any organization, you want to make sure your message is fully understood.

If you require that message changing from English to Portuguese then you have come to the right place.


Translating is not just converting words, it is the process of converting ideas, instructions and thoughts into a new language while maintaining the clarity, the brevity, the energy, at times the poetic nature of the message, its taking all of that and rebuilding it into another language.

A true linguist understands not just the culture and the way of thinking of the language, but also the flavour and style of the original message.

Your message can then be accurately understood and fully appreciated.

My name is Lidia Carney I am a linguist consultant, who loves words and writing. My language combination is English<>Portuguese. Besides my writing skills, I am also an experienced extremely fast conference interpreter

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